Welcome to the factory

Kids love jelly. And why wouldn't they? It's part of growing up - colourful, wonderfully tasty and it wibbles and wobbles like nothing else on earth.

Our new Jelly Factory is a fun, child-friendly place to learn about the amazing world of jelly. There's plenty for mums and dads too - so look around and see why jelly is so fantastic!

We've got things to colour, where kids of all ages can show their creativity, and if they're really got their artistic juices flowing, they can send us a picture that they've created all of their own - the best ones even win a prize!

If there's a celebration in the family, they could sort out the party invites - or get messy in the kitchen and make some jell-icious treats for all the guests to enjoy.

It doesn't stop there! We've got games and downloads, and even somewhere they can suggest new flavours, so if you're looking for fun with just a sprinkle of nonsense, you're in the right place.


Jelly adds colour and fun to every party. Check out our great party themes, food ideas and games…

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Get creative with jelly. Take a look at our healthy, low fat recipes. You'll find tasty ideas for all your favourite flavours...

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