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Break the mould!

Jelly moulds can be great fun for kids and you don’t need to spend money to start getting your jellies into shape. Just remember to make sure they’re nice and clean, then go crazy!

Ice Cream

Ice cream cartons

Don’t throw them in the bin, recycle them as jelly moulds! Nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t cost you a penny to use them again.

also, how about...

Yoghurt pots
Baking tins
Buckets (from your bucket & spade set!)
Margarine tubs
Kids bath toys
(splashy sploshy fish shapes are perfect)
Ice cube trays
Yorkshire pudding tins
Plastic cups & wine glasses

Found something that makes a
brilliant jelly mould? Why not tell us
about it
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Sand bucket Cup Jelly Bun